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  • Tracy Monson [Essencha Tea House]

    Tracy Monson is the kind of person who gets an idea into her head and then goes for it. In college, she dreamed of seeing the world, then spent two and half years visiting places like Morocco and Sri Lanka. She speaks almost reverently of her time in Jap

    By Michael Schiaparelli

  • Drinking on the High Seas

    My family recently cruised up the East Coast aboard an enormous ship called "Celebrity Summit." Stopping at ports in Maine and Canada, I tasted local beers in Portland, Bar Harbor and St. John. At Halifax, I enjoyed (endured?) the strangest tour of all t

    By Michael Schiaparelli

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  • The Spanish Reps

    At Vanguard Distributing's recent wine trade show, I got to meet Jose Pastor, the 29-year-old face of his family's Spanish wine import business. With his tinted rectangular glasses and baseball cap hiding what appears to be a thick head of unruly black

    By Michael Schiaparelli

  • Sultan's Mediterranean (Review)

    While still finding its operational footing, Sultan's cuisine is creating a big buzz

    By Michael Schiaparelli

  • Dan Listermann [Listermann Manufacturing Co.]

    Dan Listermann's supply shop near Xavier University has been a mecca for beer and wine "do-it-yourselfers" since 1995. In fact, he's like a pied piper of home brewing and many of his customers are in the vanguard of Cincinnati's craft brew renaissance, i

    By Michael Schiaparelli