Twitter Roasts Middletown Native J.D. Vance after Debate with Tim Ryan for Ohio's U.S. Senate Seat

Twitter is reacting to the acrimonious Oct. 10 debate between Ohio’s U.S. Senate candidates Republican J.D. Vance and Democrat Tim Ryan.

During the debate – the first between the two candidates – Ryan, a 10-term congressman, accused Vance of starting a fake nonprofit to help opioid-addicted Ohioans. Vance, an author and venture capitalist, accused Ryan of putting on a “costume” in which he pretends to be a moderate for Halloween.

On abortion, Ryan said he opposes the recently blocked six-week ban in Ohio. Vance, who is anti-abortion, said he wants states to have the freedom to make their own abortion laws; that was before Vance claimed the man indicted for raping a 10-year-old in Ohio was an undocumented immagrant.

Recent polling shows the two candidates are in a tight race as of press time, with Ryan outraising and outspending Vance.

WJW-TV (Fox 8) hosted the debate in Cleveland for a national audience and polled viewers on who they think won in the face-off, with 60% saying Vance was the clear winner. However, Twitter was aflame with thoughts on the contrary. Users on the platform especially have reacted to one moment in particular, when Ryan dragged Vance for letting former President Donald Trump call Vance an “ass-kissser” during a September rally in Youngstown.

Ryan and Vance are running to fill GOP Sen. Rob Portman’s seat in the Nov. 8 election. Oct. 11 is the deadline to register to vote in Ohio. Early voting begins Oct. 12. The general election is Nov. 8.

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