Definitely Not Shrinkage: Gold Star Buns Temporarily Grow an Inch in Greater Cincinnati

The bun enlargement was just a temporary issue, the chili chain assures guests.

Dec 8, 2022 at 11:26 am
click to enlarge Inflation has hit Gold Star buns – just not the kind shown in the news lately. - Photo: Provided by Gold Star
Photo: Provided by Gold Star
Inflation has hit Gold Star buns – just not the kind shown in the news lately.

Maybe size does matter.

Diners may have noticed that Gold Star's coney buns have grown a bit longer than usual lately. But the chain assured customers that this was just a temporary problem and that the buns would shrink once again.

Gold Star said that due to a recent bun shortage, some of its locations have been using 5-inch buns instead of the standard 4-inch ones.

Yes, diners have devouring an extra inch around their meat.

"We are NOT out of buns!" the chain tweeted on Dec. 7. "Our friends at Klosterman Bakery are working fast to get their special coney bun oven up and running. In the meantime, some locations may be substituting a slightly larger bun for our standard bun."

Customers soon will wrap their warm lips around less-girthy buns once again, though. Shortly after that tweet, Gold Star said that standard-sized buns would be delivered to stores Dec. 8.

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