Seven Cincinnati Spots to Find an Alcohol-Free Mocktail

The drinks don't skimp on the fancy names or fun colors

May 14, 2019 at 2:17 pm
click to enlarge Tokyo Kitty's No-Face and Keroppi mocktails - Photo: Hailey Bollinger
Photo: Hailey Bollinger
Tokyo Kitty's No-Face and Keroppi mocktails

Not everyone may “vibe” with alcohol, whether for personal preferences, religious reasons, past addiction, pregnancy or even just the taste. But does that mean you have to miss out on all the bar hang-outs or mixed drinks at restaurants? According to these seven Cincinnati establishments: No. Guests can still have the fun and flavor of a fancily named cocktail in an elaborately shaped glass, sans the alcohol. Whether you need a break from the hangovers or are staying sober, these spots offer several mocktails to meet your needs. 

8th & English

While hip O’Bryonville fish house 8th & English does have myriad options for alcoholic cocktails, beer, spirits and an extensive wine list, you can also find alcohol-free options under their “booze free” drinks section. Guests who prefer to skip the tipples can order a Tea Time, made of jasmine tea, lavender, lemon and ginger beer, or the Paloma, with grapefruit, lime, habañero and sea salt. Both are perfect accompaniments to Tuesday night’s $1 oyster deal. 2038 Madison Road, O’Bryonville,

16-Bit Bar+Arcade

The nostalgia is strong and the drinks are plenty at 16-Bit. This arcade bar offers a variety of mocktails alongside their other fun and boozy beverages; find them on the menu under “No Booze? No Problem!” Their alcohol-free list features witty options like the Lisa Simpson (Sprite, grenadine and cherry), the Strawberry Shortcake (grapefruit juice, ginger ale and grenadine) and the Optimus Prime (lemonade, cranberry juice and Sprite). Guests can enjoy their drinks — spiked or not — while playing some of the bar’s 50-plus vintage cabinet games. 1331 Walnut St., Over-the-Rhine,

Carlo & Johnny

Arguably one of the classier options on this list, no need to miss out on fine dining when you chose to skip out on alcohol. This Jeff Ruby restaurant lists a Bay Breeze Mocktail among their more traditional libations. Served “martini style,” this drink contains orange juice, pineapple juice, a sparkling white soda and a layer of housemade grenadine to top it off. Another plus, this drink is at least five dollars cheaper than its cohorts. You can enjoy the decadence of this sparkler complemented by C&J’s luxury edibles. 9769 Montgomery Road, Montgomery,

Japp’s Since 1879

Japp’s serves a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, or what owner Molly Wellmann calls “non-ies.” The bar also offers low-ABV drinks, such as beer and wine cocktails. While Japp’s does not have a specific menu set aside for their mocktails, Wellmann says she always makes sure they have drinks on their chalkboard menu that can very easily be made alcohol-free but are still just as flavorful. “I have so many customers that come in that love to drink but don’t want to drink alcohol,” Wellmann says. And she always makes sure to have something for them besides a Coke or orange juice. Alcoholic or not, all drinks at Japp’s are crafted with housemade simple syrups, fresh herbs, berries, juices and different floral waters. 1134 Main St., Over-the-Rhine,

click to enlarge Karrikin Spirits Co. serves a variety of "soft" craft sodas - Photo: Hailey Bollinger
Photo: Hailey Bollinger
Karrikin Spirits Co. serves a variety of "soft" craft sodas

Karrikin Spirits Co.

This craft distillery, brewery and restaurant — partially helmed by chef Jared Bennett, formerly of Metropole, and Mike Florea, formerly of Maribelle’s eat+drink — brings an eclectic, hand-crafted energy to both the atmosphere and the menu, including the section specifically dedicated to mocktails. Karrikin provides four different alcohol-free options including the Blood Orange Shrub, with blood orange and rosemary, and the more experimental Karrikin N/A Mule, consisting of ginger, lemongrass and Szechuan peppercorn. Besides their mocktails, you can also sample one of their housemade craft sodas with flavors like key lime and cola. 3717 Jonlen Drive, Fairfax,


This Midwestern wine bar chain is no stranger to alcohol-free offerings and lists a variety of mixed mocktails. Guests can opt for the American Pharaoh, a seasonal juice blend served with fresh fruit; the Sea Biscuit, a housemade blueberry lemonade; or the Secretariat, a mint and lime infusion with bubbles. Located on Main Street in the heart of OTR, these drinks can be enjoyed while snacking on a variety of Southern-inspired small plates and charcuterie. 1142 Main St., Over-the-Rhine,

Tokyo Kitty

This karaoke bar makes for a fun Friday night, or any night really, and if you don’t need to fuel your solo act with some liquid courage, Tokyo Kitty has you covered with some alcohol-free options. Under the “mocktails” sections of the drink menu are two choices that are the same price — if not cheaper — than the cocktails. The Keroppi is easily approachable with pistachio simple syrup, lime and ginger beer. Or level up to the No-Face, with activated charcoal, lavender simple syrup and lemonade. There are still plenty of alcoholic drinks — their beer, house specialties and sake bomb selections — for friends who may need that extra push for their Rockstar moment. 575 Race St., Downtown,