Six Sippable Summertime Cocktails in a Bag from Greater Cincinnati Bars and Restaurants

Boozy drink pouches — like adult juice boxes — are making their way into bars and restaurants around the city, and we have collected a guide on where to find them

click to enlarge The Fairfield Café + Bar - Photo: Hailey Bollinger
Photo: Hailey Bollinger
The Fairfield Café + Bar

In a time when nothing feels normal, a little bit of nostalgia goes a long way in making us feel better. What better way to relive the summers of your childhood than with an ice-cold juice box on a hot day? And if that doesn’t do it for you… what if we told you there was liquor in them?

Boozy juice pouches — like storage bags filled with cocktails — are making their way into bars and restaurants around the city, and we have collected a guide on where to find them.

Northside Yacht Club 

Boasting perhaps the most creative name in the city for this trend, Northside Yacht Club offers the Capri Sun of Anarchy: lavender lemonade with vodka, all bagged up and ready to enjoy for $10. The bar also has Garfield-bedecked “Life’s a Beach” stickers on the booze bag’s label, which you can add to your nostalgia sticker collection. 4227 Spring Grove Ave., Northside,

Jerry’s Jug House 

The Yacht Club’s sister bar, Jerry’s, debuted their jalapeño and cardamom margarita in a bag in early April. Since then, they have added a classic margarita, peach margarita, peach bourbon iced tea and even the Bloody Jerry to their “paradise pouches” collection. The fun doesn’t stop there though, you can pick up Jolly Rancher Jell-O shots to go with your juice box for 3 for $10. To quote their Instagram, “it slaps.” 414 E. Seventh St., Newport,

The Fairfield Café + Bar 

The Fairfield has added three permanent “boozy bags” to their menu, including the vodka, blackberry and lemonade Fairfield Hooch; the lemonade, gin and honey-filled Bees Knees; and the classic Whiskey Sour. Owner Kate Moeves explains that they wanted to “play up the fun picnic environment” and utilize their outdoor space by offering these options. The Fairfield will be introducing a new boozy bag flavor every week, designed by their bartenders. 700 Fairfield Ave., Bellevue,

Libby’s Southern Comfort 

Libby’s takes the trend to the next level by offering not only boozy slush bags, but boozy slush pops as well. All slush products come in Libby’s classic Cheerwine Bourbon slush flavor, with rotating flavors available as well. Grab a 16-ounce bag for $12 or six pops (feel free to mix and match flavors) for $15. Throw them in the freezer to save for later or enjoy now, but get them fast because Libby’s says they sell-out quick. 35 W. Eighth St., Covington,

The Listing Loon 

Drink your way around the world with a Lucky Dog Sake juice box at the Listing Loon for $7 or five for $30. The sake has a whopping 13.5 percent ABV and can be enjoyed chilled or room temp. Feeling fruity? They also offer pouches of their Uncle’s Sangria made with four different muddled berries and Uncle Nearest whiskey. Owner Melanie Quallen says it is “perfect for sipping on a warm summer night.” 4124 Hamilton Ave., Northside,

Goose & Elder 

More Uncle Nearest. Driven by their partnership with the whiskey, Goose & Elder is now offering their Tiki To-Go booze bag. Each bag contains enough for two servings of the tropical juice: orange, pineapple, lemon, bitters, almond, cinnamon and, of course, Uncle Nearest whiskey. Pick up a bag for $18; grab two and a food item for a free Uncle Nearest rocks glass. 1800 Race St., Over-the-Rhine/Findlay Market,

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