Cincinnati R&B/Hip Hop Artist Audley Drops First Single "Color Scheme" Off His Forthcoming Sophomore Album

Audley's sophomore album "ROY" will be available on all streaming platforms Sept. 4. This first single, "Color Scheme," is a bright and bouncy "weekend dancing" introduction

Aug 14, 2020 at 2:20 pm
click to enlarge Cincinnati R&B/Hip Hop Artist Audley Drops First Single "Color Scheme" Off His Forthcoming Sophomore Album
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Cincinnati-based musician Johnny Audley Glover, known as Audley to his fans, announced he'll be releasing his sophomore album, ROY, on all streaming platforms Sept. 4.

The album, which has been in the works since November 2019, is a fluid shift between R&B and Hip Hop. Audley says the catchy melodically driven tracks were influenced by emotional funk combined with electronic sounds to create a conglomerate of genres which have inspired him in the past.

Taking inspiration from photos and cinema, fashion and graphic designers, Audley wrote poetry which eventually developed into lyrics for ROY.

“I feel like I see the most around me and within me that I ever have in my entire life and I’m trying to speak that truth,” he says. “This album is really a testament to the chapter of my life where I was in a really strange place...and I just started listening not only to what’s around me, but what is inside of me.” 

Audley adds that ROY is a creative collaboration with multiple Cincinnati-based producers including internetboy, Devin Burgess, Stallitix, SmokeFace and GrandAce. Studio sessions were completed with Columbus-based Chris Dickerson back in January, but Audley chose to hold off on releasing the album for a variety of reasons — primarily the current state of society. 

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic also presented unforeseen circumstances throughout the recording process, but Audley says he was able to use his time in self-quarantine to polish the album even further.

The first single off ROY dropped today, Aug. 14. Called "Color Scheme," Audley says this track is his "re-introduction into the industry."

"I have been quiet for a few years on the release side of things due to a heavy struggle with self-identity. I got lost — 2018 into 19 did a number on my spirit; I was moving too fast and it was not rooted in my truth. I decided to slow down, refocus on the colors not only inside me but around me. Thus, the idea for 'Color Scheme' was born," he says. "When a texture is added to a color it completely shifts the narrative. That added layer of ideation is this entire album. I found the vision for ROY through that concept. 'Color Scheme' is me telling my story while also presenting the texture element."

With a sound described as "weekend dancing," the bright and bouncy song is "windows down driving to the lake with your best friend swaying in your seat," Audley says. "Verse one paints the picture. Verse two marvels at the paint. This song sets the stage for the record as a whole and that makes me really happy."

Produced by internetboy, one of Audley's favorite artists in the city, and recorded and mixed by D1 (Chris Dickerson), Audley picked "Color Scheme" as his first single "because it feels like I'm calling back my listeners and saying, 'Hey guys, I know it's been awhile. Here's where I've been and where we are. Come dance with me pls,'" he says.

When asked to described ROY's overall sound or intention in five words, Audley says: "Red's key opens Violet's door."

A second single will be released on Aug. 28 prior to the album drop. Stay up to date with Audley’s releases on Soundcloud.

And listen to "Color Scheme" below: