Cincinnati Singer/Songwriter Lauren Eylise Releases "Voodoo (Black Girl Magic)" for Valentine's Day

Described as "a love letter to black women," the powerful song is accompanied by a compelling music video directed by Eylise

Feb 14, 2020 at 9:14 am
click to enlarge Cover for Lauren Eylise's "Voodoo (Black Girl Magic" cover - Provided
Cover for Lauren Eylise's "Voodoo (Black Girl Magic" cover

Talented Cincinnati singer/songwriter Lauren Eylise has released a new single — and accompanying music video — for Valentine's Day.

Described as "a love letter to black women," "Voodoo (Black Girl Magic)" is streaming now on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music and other digital platforms. The song is a power-injected reworking of the final track on Eylise's 2017 release, Life/Death/Life.

Sonically, "Voodoo (Black Girl Magic)" is emotive, powerful and majestic, with a hearty pulsating beat, anthemic song structure, distorted guitar riffing and heart-swelling melodies. The full-bodied combination of Pop, Rock and Soul meshes perfectly with the lyrical themes of strength, resilience and empowerment.

According to a press release, "Voodoo" was created to "be an anthem for Black Women that lifts them every morning and tucks them in every night."

“An ode to the women who have come before me and those that will come after me," Eylise says of the song in the release. "A reminder: Queen, you are Magic. See God in your reflection.”

Directed by Eylise, the "Voodoo" video is visual poetry in motion, a crisp, compelling clip in which Eylise is joined by a diverse cross-section of black women, including gifted Cincinnati vocalist/dancer Bla'szé, whose graceful movement is threaded beautifully throughout, enhancing the video editing's entrancing gracefulness. 

“We were able to work with a hand selected few Black Women in the community and highlight their roles as sisters, mothers, friends, colleagues, daughters, artists, dancers, educators and beyond," Eylise says. "The face and beauty of each Woman, standing side by side boldly declaring their magical presence is so powerful and I am so grateful to be able to showcase Black Women in all their glory!

"It is my hope that every Black Woman sees themselves in this video as well as the Black Women they love and adore."

In early 2019, Eylise spoke with Audio Femme about re-recording "Voodoo" and her desire to represent a broader, more realistic view of women beyond the narrow stereotypes often presented in media, something she accomplishes with the video.

"I do believe that in our society today, black women, especially, are not always presented in the most eclectic and diverse of lights," she said. "There are these very concrete stereotypes and I don’t fuck with that because women of all colors come in all shapes, sizes and beliefs. We don’t all move the same and I think that really has to be respected and spoken about. I like the pun, because when people say voodoo they have certain things in mind."

"Voodoo (Black Girl Magic)" is the follow-up to last year's "Peaks & Valleys," Eylise's single that was also used in an ad campaign for Secret Deodorant. The campaign spotlighted Eylise's ambition and the balance of family life and pursuing her musical dreams.

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