Faygo Kills Concert

ICP soda-spraying gets show canned, Ryan Adams thinks Taylor Swift is like Shakespeare and there is a musical based on the Beastie Boys' career

Oct 28, 2015 at 8:56 am

HOT: Faygo Kills Concert

In what is likely a concert industry first (we admittedly didn't go deep on research for this one), a show was recently “cancelled due to a dispute over Faygo.” If you’ve ever seen a concert by (or, really, are remotely aware of) Insane Clown Posse, you know it was the Detroit Rap duo’s show that was canned. The twosome’s shows have forever been marked by the ritual of spraying gallons of the low-rent-brand soft drink all over the place, but the bookers at a San Diego venue were apparently unaware of this distinct feature until the day of the event. Either the club didn’t want to clean up the sticky mess or they have an exclusive deal with RC Cola.

Though confounded by magnets, ICP clearly understands the physics of Faygo:

WARM: Adventures in Hyperbole

Prolific Twitter-blocker (seriously — check now; you may be blocked) Ryan Adams’ song-for-song cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album was an entertaining pop cultural blip a few weeks back, and it was endearing to hear Adams sweetly praise Swift’s work in promo interviews. Adams seems to have lightened up lately (instead of screaming at a fan for jokily yelling out Bryan Adams’ songs for him to play in concert, Adams actually started covering “Run to You” and “Summer of ’69,” for example), but in a recent interview, he may have overextended himself with the Swift cheerleading. In his chat with The Guardian, Adams manages to compare Swift to Neil Armstrong, The Smiths and William Shakespeare.

Still the best Ryan Adams song:

COLD: Check Their Heads

In what will either be one of the worst theatrical ideas to ever make it to a stage or something so crazy it just might work, in late November, a U.K. theater is premiering a new musical about the career of Hip Hop legends Beastie Boys. Titled after the name of the Beasties’ breakthrough album Licensed to Ill (strike one), the unauthorized production’s descriptions aren’t very hopeful. At the Camden People’s Theatre’s website, the musical is described as a “loud, crazy show (that) does to music theatre what Hip Hop did to tracksuits: make them cool” and says that it “mixes rapping, DJ-ing, physical comedy and even puppetry to create the eclectic, hilarious style that a show about the Beasties deserves.”

OK, maybe the puppet thing will work: