Northern Kentucky AltSoul singer/songwriter JSPH releases smoldering new single, “Reasons”

New song is the latest in a string of jaw-dropping singles from one of the region’s most promising talents

Jun 29, 2018 at 4:18 pm

Over the past couple of years, Joseph Nevels — the Northern Kentucky native who records and performs as JSPH — has released a succession of amazing singles, each one begging same the question: “How is this guy not a star yet?” Perhaps major-labels have instituted a new “no ears” policy for all employees that I’m unaware of, but JSPH is making the kind of music that should have anyone currently tasked with selling the max amount of units begging for the right to release it.

He has certainly been doing all the right things with his magnetic music. His singles draw from Soul and R&B music’s past, present and imagined future and craftily mix in other Electronic and Pop sounds and concepts. After dropping five such gems in 2017 (one of which, “ComeMyWay,” was used in the Netflix series On My Block earlier this year), JSPH released “When You” this April and just delivered his latest, “Reasons.”

JSPH has been building his audience through social media and streaming sites like Spotify, where he’s been slotted into popular playlists and garnered millions of listens. His new song — produced by DJ Corbett, Colin Creev and Curtis Peoples — continues his hot streak and has the power to add at least another million to those streaming numbers. Released earlier his week, the smoldering “Reasons” builds a bridge between Sam Cooke and The Weeknd, then erects a rocket launcher on top of it that sends the rumbling bass, soul-drenched vocals and mesmerizingly atmospheric ambiance into the stratosphere.

Click here to find “Reasons” on the digital platform of your choosing. You can also listen below.