Saturday • Bogart’s

Nov 25, 2014 at 10:35 am

Papadosio is a hot name in the music festival scene these days, the masterful epitome of what’s come to be termed “Jamtronica.” The quintet, comprised of guitarist Anthony Thogmartin, drummer Mike Healy, bassist Rob McConnell and brothers Billy and Sam Brouse on keyboards and synths, has followed a tight but expansive trajectory over the course of nearly a decade.

Originally formed in Athens, Ohio, the band now calls the earthy town of Asheville, N.C., home. But with more than 100 shows a year in all parts of the country, their true home is the road. Known for its live performances — during which the band mixes music with art in the form of video projections, light shows and live painting — Dosio (as the group is known by fans) has developed a dedicated following.

The band is specifically known for its role in the “transformational” music scene, which uses music as a means to form a community and incorporate spiritual activism. This is largely reflected in the band’s most recent album release, the 2012 double LP To End The Illusion of Separation (T.E.T.I.O.S.), which marks a significant development in the group’s sound and has a powerful thematic focus on conservation, tolerance and mind-expansion.

For the first official releases since then, Papadosio live-recorded and filmed a set of tracks that were already staples of concert setlists, releasing them track-by-track beginning in August. While there has been a notable evolution in the group’s sound over the years, the band always remains true to its distinct roots, a mixture of Progressive Rock and Jam deeply layered over brain-buzzing Electronic dance beats, all dipped in a vat of musical LSD.

Papadosio hits its fall “Imaginal Cells” tour coming off a strong summer and heading into its annual December event, “Earth Night,” in Columbus, Ohio.

PAPADOSIO plays Saturday, Nov. 29 at Bogart's. Find tickets/more info here.