Wild Moccasins with of Montreal

May 18 • Madison Theater

May 13, 2013 at 12:56 am

Ordinarily, Indie Rock, Halo and skating share a whole heap of nothing in common. But for Wild Moccasins vocalist/guitarist Cody Swann, each of those things has functioned as an all-enveloping obsession at some point in his life.

“I would describe myself as very OCD and continually looking for some sort of new stimulation,” he said in a 2010 Spinner interview in which he recalled his band's beginnings. “I always had these songs bouncing around in my head and one day just decided to write them down.”

Since taking shape circa 2007 as a duo hinged on the talents of Swann and vocalist Zahira Gutierrez (more personnel would be recruited from shows and house parties in Houston), Wild Moccasins have swiftly gone on to make good on their architect's sense of big ambition. The group’s 2010 debut full-length, Skin Collision Past (re-released in 2011 by the well-credentialed New West Records), fixates on tender and cooing blasts of Pop with flowing undercurrents of dourness. If you really want your upbeat Indie Pop songs to offer enough room for you to quietly contemplate deep-seated regret and confusion, too, this five-piece have your fix ready to go. The latest addition to the total Wild Moccasins oeuvre is a video clip/single for the half-cheery, half-miserable “Gag Reflections.” The Moccasins’ second album is due in late summer on New West.

WILD MOCCASINS perform with of Montreal Saturday, May 18 at Madison Theater in Covington. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.