Yoko Cleared, National Outrage & Nirvana: The Musical?

Paul McCartney says we can all stop blaming The Beatles' breakup on Yoko Ono and start pointing fingers at Allen Klein, the song The National donated to the Obama campaign four years ago gets co-opted by a college pro-Romney group and court transcripts r

click to enlarge Is the war on Yoko over?
Is the war on Yoko over?


Yoko’s Fault? Oh No!

Although there are surely many old-school fans who will refuse to believe it, according to Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono was not the reason The Beatles’ broke up. McCartney, in an interview with David Frost scheduled to air in November on Al Jazeera English, said Lennon was “definitely going to leave,” regardless, and seems to put more blame on the band’s then-manager Allen Klein. McCartney, who hasn’t had the warmest of relationships with Yoko since John’s death, credited Ono with opening Lennon’s mind and allowing him to write songs like “Imagine.”


A National Travesty

Cincinnati-spawned/Brooklyn-based Indie Rock band The National has played concerts for the President on the campaign trail and the Obama campaign used a version of The National’s “Fake Empire” as the soundtrack to the President’s “bio video” during the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Now Pitchfork reports that a group called “Ohio University Students for Romney” released a pro-Romney online ad that also used “Fake Empire.” If they knew enough to use the song, they should’ve known The National would be pissed. And they were. “Every single person involved in the creation of the music you’re using is voting for President Obama,” National singer Matt Berninger wrote in the comments. Though the org apologized, it’s further evidence that many know exactly what they’re doing when using songs against an artist’s obvious wishes.

(An even better National song that conjures images of an Obama November)


Milk It

You can never really say what a deceased legend would or wouldn’t want done with their music. But when the legend is Kurt Cobain and the project is a Broadway musical based on his songs, you don’t need to resurrect the Nirvana frontman to know he wouldn’t be thrilled with having his life’s work turned into a cheesy Movin’ Out-style cash-grab. According to The Guardian, in a lawsuit against former client Britney Spears, Sam Lufti said that he and Courtney Love were “currently working on a possible motion picture or Broadway musical based on the Nirvana catalog” and the couple’s life. Unless it’s titled I Hate Myself and Want to Die and features Carol Channing as Courtney and a chorus line of giant, dancing hypodermic needles, we predict a major Broadway flop.

(Here's the clip that caused Courtney to say that The Muppets "raped" her late husband)

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