Here's the Name of the Cincinnati Zoo's New Bearcat

The Zoo narrowed suggested names down to a punny option and a non-punny option. Guess which one voters chose...

Meet Lucille - Hailey Bollinger
Hailey Bollinger
Meet Lucille

The Cincinnati Zoo has a new, super-cute baby bearcat... you know, the fierce but cuddly University of Cincinnati mascot.

She's in line to be the school's next living mascot after her predecessor, the beloved Lucy, retired in August. But until now, she didn't have a name.

Last month, the Zoo asked fans for suggestions on what to name the young bearcat (bearkitten?), who came to Cincinnati from the Nashville Zoo.

Today we have a winner after an announcement at UC's homecoming celebration.

The Zoo narrowed all the recommendations down to two: "Lucille" or "UCelia" (get it?) and asked fans to choose their favorite.

In the end, the 42,000 people who voted opted for the non-punny choice — Lucille — by 70 percent. We're sure Lucille appreciates that.

We call her a bearcat, but technically Lucille is a binturong — a species native to Asia.

You'll be seeing her at UC sporting events starting this winter.

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