Minor Leagues' 'North College Hill' LP Out Now

Local Pop band's latest album released by Chicago's Datawaslost imprint

Feb 1, 2012 at 11:27 am
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The Minor Leagues

Yesterday, Cincinnati Indie Pop/Rock band The Minor Leagues dropped their latest album via longtime label Datawaslost (based in Chicago). The release — the group's sixth full-length — is another in the band's string of "concept albums." Titled North College Hill (after the local neighborhood), singer/frontman Ben Walpole says the theme is "all about where I grew up, missing childhood, passing of time … stuff like that." The band made the LP with a little help from their friends via a Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter page went a little more in-depth into the new release's concept: "During the course of a 10-song cycle, we address the notion of 'hometown,' while trying to cope with a childhood that seems to slip farther and farther away with every old store in town that goes out of business, with every old friend that splits town. Wow, that sounds pretentious. Perhaps it is. We‘d like to think of it as an artistic statement. With guitars!"—-

The album is also another showcase of amazing, infectious Pop melodies that won't do much to put a halt to the Belle & Sebastien, New Pornographers and Apples in Stereo comparisons The Minor Leagues have received since forming in the early ’00s. The band has several shows coming up to promote North College Hill, including a local release party at MOTR Pub on Feb. 24 and dates in Pittsburgh, Brooklyn and Chicago.

Click here for ordering info or here to preview and download the release.

This next song is the first song on The Minor Leagues' new album: