News: Gulf Coast Devastated, Government Response a Disaster

'New Orleans Is Gone'

Aug 31, 2005 at 2:06 pm
Ed Edahl/FEMA

Houston, TX, September 2, 2005 — Residents of Louisiana, who had to flee their homes because of Hurricane Katrina, inside the Houston Astrodome. The residents of Texas have mobilzed a massive relief effort to help the those of Louisiana. Volunteers from a number of agencies were on hand to help.

The nation and the world watches as desperate people in New Orleans and Mississippi struggle to survive the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which certainly will rank with 9/11 as one of the worst catastrophes in American history. Unlike the government's decisive response to the terrorist attacks, however, the Bush administration has bungled this relief effort, and as a result many people have died who shouldn't have.

Despite Bush's insistence that the federal government had no idea New Orleans could be so devastated by a hurricane, warnings about the city's levees had been known and discussed for years, if not decades. The redirection of disaster preparation funds and National Guard troops to Iraq has come home to roost for the Bush administration, its supporters and all Americans, both dead and alive.

On a personal note, New Orleans is one of my favorite cities on Earth. I've visited 20 times or so and have learned as much as possible about its unique history and culture. I'm particularly fond of Mardi Gras, where for the past few years I've ridden as a krewe member in one of the big parades. I've watched the city slowly drown like a friend dying in your arms. It's heart-breaking beyond words.

— John Fox, Editor

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