Obama Even Wins Monday Night Football Contest

Nov 4, 2008 at 11:56 am

In yet another episode of "I'm a Real Person and McCain Is a Phony," Barack Obama yesterday told ESPN's Chris Berman that if he could change one thing about sports that it would be to eliminate the current college football championship format in favor of an eight-team playoff.

The exchange was a pre-taped segment that aired during halftime of Monday Night Football. McCain was asked the same question, and his response was that he would do everything he can to eliminate performance enhancing drugs because they threaten the integrity of the game. What an asshole. —-

This is just another example of why people generally like McCain less than Obama. Listening to McCain answer questions is like having lunch with someone who has a personality disorder and doesn't listen or react to anything you say, he just sits there rambling about things that aren't relevant. You have to just wait for him to finish because you already know what he's getting at. It's exhausting.

Then there's Obama, who gives about as an American answer as is possible to such a stupid question. A college football playoff would be awesome, and everybody knows it. F the BCS, and congrats to Sen. Obama for earning some sports fan cred.

Also, during the actual football contest the Pittsburgh Steelers lost their quarterback to injury and moved on to a credible backup who played extremely well, helping the first place team win a tough game on the road over one of the NFC's best. Just another reason why Pittsburgh is way better than Cincinnati....