Ohio Ranks No. 8 Least Diverse State in the Nation, According to Study

Personal finance website WalletHub ranked Ohio again in the top 10 least diverse states this year — we shifted from No. 9 in 2019 to No. 8.

Sep 9, 2020 at 12:22 pm

Ohio again ranks within the top 10 states lacking in diversity, according to a study by personal finance website WalletHub. 

The study named Ohio the No. 8 least diverse state in America, shifting from No. 9 in 2019. 

WalletHub evaluated several parameters to develop their rankings, comparing all 50 states across a total of 14 metrics in categories including socio-economic, economic, household, religious and political diversity. Metrics included educational attainment diversity, linguistic diversity, birthplace diversity, household size diversity, political diversity, etc.

Source: WalletHub

"This year, racial diversity has had a prominent place in the news, as widespread protests that began with a focus on police brutality sparked larger conversations on various forms of racial inequality," the study explains.

"But while discussions on race are important, U.S. diversity spans far more than just racial lines. The U.S. population reflects a mix of not just races and ethnicities but also cultures, religions, economic statuses, educational backgrounds and other characteristics. These groups come together in everyday life, influencing and experiencing one another."

However, depending on where you live, this is not always the case, according to the results of the study. 

The introduction goes on to explain the discrepancies in diversity — both racially and in terms of gender — found throughout the workplace environment and society. 

States who ranked most diverse include California at No. 1, Texas at No. 2 and Hawaii at No. 3. 

The country's least diverse state was West Virginia. Kentucky ranked just above Ohio as the No. 6 least diverse in America. 

For the full results of the study, click here.