Ping Pong Party Plaza

Saturday Ian and I played Nintendo Wii for about 8 hours straight. No joke. I was just warming up my arm for ping pong that night. To get our game faces on we all decided to have a pizza party to fill our tummies to the brim with prime protein and pure ping pong nutrition! Then it was off to the Gypsy Hut to start scouting the talent on the table. I am a regular customer to the Gypsy Hut ping pong table so I have seen most of the faces that occupy the Ping Pong Party Plaza. —- There was a stench in the air that was surging through my nostrils, oh yes, the stank of woop ass that was about to be unfolded. I knew tonight was going to be special. I had a couple funny guy drinks already in my system that would provide me with the power to punch ping pong pillars over. But my skillz where hindered due to the Papa John's whole wheat crust that was absorbing my Sherly Mentals and throwing off my power.

My opponent beat me by 3. Then he started to play Ian. Ian likes to put a little English on the ball when he serves it. Kind of throws your brain for a MIND FREAK! Well this pro was beating Ian by a good amount and then he started to complain about how Ian was serving the ball. "Is that a legal serve?" Really? REALLY? At the bar? Where the table is over broken glass? Where one side of the table is higher than the other? Where the table is covered in beer and fun? Where the paddles are missing handles and grip? Really? COME ON! Suck it up buddy. You're in The Ping Pong Party Plaza now! We play street rules here. If I wanted to cut you in the midst of a back hand, I will.

As I was taking a break and scoring a drink from the super attractive bar tender that was smoking on the hookah down at the back bar, I noticed the girl from Turkey who I had played before, sitting across the bar. I said my hellos and told her the table was open up stairs and that we needed to rematch before the bar closed. So we headed up and started with a little warm up. P. I. N. G! SLAMO! and the game began. We exchanged heated back and forths as the crowd thickened with up to five people! This was the scene. This is an dramatic re-enactment of one of the sets.

As 21 was closing in, it was mostly going back and forth like a cat chasing a laser pen on the wall. We exchanged some amazing plays which included a sweet over the shoulder, back to the table hit that landed, by yours truly, that drew some, "Ohhhhssss," from the crowd. Which had upped to six because the Super Fun Bouncer Nathan let us stay and finish the game. We passed 21 (because you have to win by two) and played it out. Final Score 22-24: Charlie wins. The series is now tied 1-1 between Turkey and me.

To all those who enjoy street rulez ping pong and don't take themselves too seriously, please come out and enjoy the uneven, drink soaked and soon-to-be blood stained Ping Pong Party Plaza at the Gypsy Hut.

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