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Progressive Mental Alignment (PMA) is a mental training program that removes hidden inhibiting factors in the subconscious that stop you from reaching your goals. Developed by Jacob Korthuis, PMA targets "bad clusters," which are a previously unknown type of subconscious material.

According to Korthuis, the human brain can operate in the normal mode of perception and the protective mode. In the normal mode, everything we experience is stored in our memory as "clusters." These are made up of the original events and the connected physiological content that determines our emotions — how we think and feel. In the brain, a code is assigned to each piece of sensory data, stored in an index and used as a comparison database for future experiences.

Whenever emotional strain that's caused by what we experience reaches the limit of what we can handle, the protective mode kicks in. Everything that enters our senses is stored but won't be analyzed, classified or linked to other clusters. This protection mechanism takes us away from pain and shields us from experiences accompanied by strong negative emotion that are too harmful for us at that moment, especially when we're young, for example. It switches back to "normal" when the emotional danger is gone.

These experiences are stored as "bad clusters" because they're like data on a computer disk that can't be read. We're unaware that they determine how we feel about things.

Because they haven't been analyzed, coincidental resemblances in sensory input can activate our protective mechanism, and we again experience the strong physiologic effects in the body. These bad clusters control at least 75 percent of our belief systems, decisions, behavior and all of our psychosomatic complaints.

Emotions are our prime motivators and inhibitors, more fundamental to our being than our rational faculties. It's not the factual data that controls our decisions but the feelings that originate from the attached physiology. The stronger the physiology (or emotion), the more it determines our belief systems and actions.

The strongest physiology is attached to these hidden bad clusters. As soon as incoming sensory data activates the bad cluster material, we again feel the attached emotions and our old belief systems and habits pop up.

Specific PMA tools transform hidden bad clusters into harmless normal clusters. A special method of inquiry and routing is used to bypass the protective mechanism that is functioning against our interests. For more info, visit

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