As Billions of Cicadas Get Ready to Emerge, a Cincinnati Company Releases a Wearable Bug-Screen Pod

The WalkingPod Mesh is a "warm-climate, wearable mesh-screen bubble that pops open in seconds to slip easily over the upper body as a breathable fully-enclosed cover."

Apr 8, 2021 at 1:56 pm
click to enlarge A guy mowing his lawn in a WalkingPod Mesh - Photo: Under the Weather
Photo: Under the Weather
A guy mowing his lawn in a WalkingPod Mesh

With the billions of cicadas in Brood X set to emerge this May across 15 states — including right here in Ohio — one local company is thinking ahead. 

Cincinnati's Under the Weather has a solution to keep the insects off of you while you enjoy the great outdoors. The company started out making pop-up protective pods to keep out inclement weather at sporting games but has since gone on to create items like the IntubationPod. And this latest limited-edition invention is geared toward stopping cicadas.

The WalkingPod Mesh is a "warm-climate, wearable mesh-screen bubble that pops open in seconds to slip easily over the upper body as a breathable fully-enclosed cover."

"This Pod design has been in the works for some time, but with cicada season on the horizon, we decided now was the perfect time to roll it out. In addition to protecting from cicadas, it also offers protection from a variety of insects and pests, including mosquitos," said Under the Weather CEO Rick Pescovitz in a release.

The pod is made of fine-gauge mesh panels and comes with an adjustable shoulder and waist strap. It's available with "safety yellow" or gray trim and has fitted armholes so you can go about your business while donning your pod. 

According to the release, the pod is "flexible, pops open and folds down in seconds, with zero assembly required." It can also fit in a provided portable backpack.

Suggested uses for the WalkingPod Mesh? Put it on while hiking, gardening, walking the dogs, beekeeping or doing any other outdoor activity where bugs might be a nuisance. 

 "Our mission at UTW is to create products which help people feel safe, protected, and comfortable in all kinds of conditions and the WalkingPod Mesh does exactly that," said Kelly Mahan, UTW president.

The pods cost $89.99 and are available for pre-order at Pods will begin shipping in mid to late April.