Great Parks' New Proposed Trail System Would Link Hamilton County's Western Parks and Communities

The public's invited to share their input on the new trail system through an online survey or at an in-person open house July 13.

Jun 27, 2023 at 12:34 pm
Miami Whitewater Forest - Photo:
Miami Whitewater Forest

Great Parks is planning big things for its western parks, and it’s inviting the public to give their input.

Hamilton County’s park system is planning the development of the West Region Blueway & Trail System, a proposed series of blueways, or water trails, and shared-use trails along the Great Miami and Whitewater rivers that would connect parks and communities from the Buter-Hamilton county line to the Ohio River.

“The West Region Blueway & Trail System is about connections,” Sean Creighton, landscape architect and project manager for Great Parks, said in a press release. “Our goal for the project is to enhance our blueway trails and establish a new shared-use trail to better connect people with the outstanding natural spaces of western Hamilton County, nearby communities and local points of interest.”

Blueways are networks of connected waterways with managed access points, clear signage and recreational amenities for canoeists, kayakers and other paddlers to enjoy. Great Parks says part of the initial stage of development is to identify strategies to strengthen and expand western Hamilton County’s blueway system, as well as figure out four or five locations to implement canoe and kayak access points along the Great Miami and Whitewater rivers.

Other goals for the initial development stage include developing plans for a shared-use trail along the Great Miami corridor, as well as expanding its nature education programming and paddling, water safety and other outdoor recreational classes.

When it’s finished, the West Region Blueway & Trail System will encompass four parks – Miami Whitewater Forest, Campbell Lakes, Mitchell Memorial Forest and Shawnee Lookout – and the communities in between.

Share your input

The project will expand beyond Great Parks, so it says it will be working closely with local communities and jurisdictions, stakeholders and interest groups to develop plans. But Great Parks is also asking for the public’s input on what connections and features the community wants included in the trail system.

In-person and open-house events have been scheduled to collect that input. From now through Aug. 7, you can attend a virtual open house and fill out a survey here. You can also attend an in-person open house at Whitewater Crossing Christian Church (5771 OH-128, Whitewater Township) on Thursday, July 13 from 4-7 p.m.

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