Life: Season One

DVD Review

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2007-’08, Not Rated

Life: Season One gives us Charlie Crews (Band of Brothers’ Damian Lewis) as a cop, wrongly accused of murder and incarcerated for years, who is exonerated thanks to DNA evidence. Not only is he given his life back but he also receives a reported $50 million settlement and a higher rank on the same police force that worked so vigorously to put him away. Crews is a high-profile figure guided by a spiritual outlook under constant attacks from compromise as he seeks to clear his name by finding the real killer(s) who remain free and in control of a vast network overshadowing the West Coast. Like a host of contemporary television heroes, there’s an angle here that skews toward the overly flawed, jaded types who know or are attuned to their dark sides. In the case of Life, at least Crews seems to find ways to enjoy things rather than simply resort to being insufferable. And the show has the good sense to not belabor its multi-arc conspiracy theories to the point that the casual viewer needs an annotated booklet to keep up. Thanks and good luck, Charlie! (tt stern-enzi) Grade: B

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