Cincinnati is the Best City in America for Chipotle Lovers

Yes. We think that's an accomplishment, right?

click to enlarge Chipotle. - Photo: Provided by Apartment Guide
Photo: Provided by Apartment Guide

According to a recent study published by Apartment Guide, Cincinnati is the best city in the nation for lovers of fast-casual Mexican grill Chipotle.

Yes. We are No. 1. So congrats to us.

We have more Chipotle locations per capita than anywhere else in the U.S. Based on the infographic below, there is 1 Chipotle per 3.5ish red human-shaped things?

click to enlarge Apartment Guide infographic - Photo: Provided by Apartment Guide
Photo: Provided by Apartment Guide
Apartment Guide infographic

To get their rankings, the site took cities with more than 100,000 people and calculated the number of Chipotle locations in each city, dividing each location's population by the number of Chipotle restaurants to get a per capita ranking. Based on that, if Cincinnati has a population of 301,301 and 18 Chipotles, there is one restaurant for every 16,740ish people.

Chipotle has more than 2,000 restaurants across the U.S. but the top 10 restaurants on this list are "pretty much a Mecca for Chipotle lovers."

According to the write-up,

"Cincy's 18 Chipotles are impressive, and you won't find a better per capita ratio in the entire country. Believe it or not, there's even better news. Two words: Drive-thru. Cincinnati also boasts the least expensive rent on our top 10 list, with an average one-bedroom coming in at $1,027. Winner, winner, chicken (taco) dinner!"

Others on the list include:

No. 2: Orlando, Florida

No. 3: Scottsdale, Arizona

No. 4: Alexandria, Virginia

No. 5: Cambridge, Massachusetts 

No. 6: Cleveland, Ohio

No. 7: Minneapolis, Minnesota

No. 8: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

No. 9: Lakewood, Colorado

No. 10: Saint Paul, Minnesota

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*This story has been updated because that infographic is slightly confusing. 

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