Taylor Swift Sent a Bunch Of Signed Copies of New Album 'folklore' to Northside's Shake It Records

Swift, known for her love of indie record shops, sent signed copies to stores across the country. Shake It's stack — limited to one per customer and locals only — sold out the same day.

Aug 21, 2020 at 1:05 pm

Taylor Swift, as she confesses in her latest track “The Lakes,” has had many elegies, all of whom she's managed to masterfully eulogize in song.

She's played the role of the maneater and the man. She's been the eternally heartbroken, the good country girl, the leather-clad vengeful Pop princess, and a shaker (and no, we're not talking about a believer in the second coming of Christ). Now she's fighting the good fight (fuck you, Scooter Braun!) and palling around with Indie Rock royalty, serving up one of the best albums of the year — all while spreading love, feels and good vibes with her latest promotional move as a way to help small businesses economically wounded by the pandemic.

In support of her record, folklore, which she surprise-released in July giving Swifties a mere 24-hours notice, Swift sent off signed CD copies to independent record stores across the country. News began spreading on social media that various local record stores had gotten their hands on this precious Taylor treasure, including Shake It Records in Northside.

The folks at Shake It shared a photo of signed CD copies of her lauded — and record-breaking — eighth studio record, and her first Indie Rock-sounding entry, co-produced by Swift, frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff, and the National's (and hometown hero) Aaron Dessner.

As per Shake It's tweet, "No holds, locals only and just one per customer. Thanks Taylor for your love of indie shops!"

And the records obviously sold out the same day.

The super sweet gesture is par for the course for the ever-generous Swift, who, in April, made an undisclosed donation to support every full-time staffer at Nashville's premier independent record store, Grimey's, which was forced to close during the pandemic.