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Jun 1, 2011 at 12:30 pm

While guest hosting for Fox’s Sean Hannity Rand Paul, defender of civil liberties, has called on people who attend Islamic gatherings “radical political speeches” to be jailed. “I’m not for profiling people on the color of their skin, or on their religion, but I would take into account where they’ve been traveling and perhaps, you might have to indirectly take into account whether or not they’ve been going to radical political speeches by religious leaders. It wouldn’t be that they are Islamic. But if someone is attending speeches from someone who is promoting the violent overthrow of our government, that’s really an offense that we should be going after — they should be deported or put in prison,” said Paul.—-

Conservative columnist Andrew Breibart said yesterday on Fox Business Network's Follow the Money that there is a double standard in the media when it comes to political scandals. Breibart, who also said on CNN on Tuesday that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) is having relations with “girls that are quite young.” And by relationships I think he meant having followers on Twitter.

“Look, there’s clearly a double standard with the mainstream media,” Breitbart said on Fox. “If this were a Republican, like Mike Lee or Larry Craig or Mark Foley, it becomes the single most important story in the history of the media for three weeks, four weeks. We are inundated with it and then the Nancy Pelosis and Anthony Weiners of the world come out there and say there has to be the ethics investigation because this is how Republicans are but yet the Democrats right now are going out there on TV.” The key piece of evidence Breibart leaves out is that the shit with Weiner most probably didn’t happen. The alleged receiver of the penis pic released a statement Sunday in which she exclaims, “There have never been any inappropriate exchanges between Anthony Weiner and myself, including the tweet/picture in question.”

Following the comments made on CNN, the station's legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin told host Randi Kaye that he regretted that the network allowed Breibart to make such claims. “What Andrew Breitbart was insinuating about [Weiner] with young girls and stuff is outrageous,” Toobin said. “And frankly, it’s too bad that he got to say that stuff on CNN.”

Sarah Palin is starting Day 4 of her “One Nation” bus tour with a trip to Ellis Island. “It’s one of the symbols of course of our country, and it’s a reminder too that immigrants built this country,” Palin told reporters earlier this morning. “So we want to make sure that we’re highlighting that on our bus tour, maybe so that the present day immigrants know how much we appreciate them and their work ethic, and their love of country and freedom.”

But Palin made sure people didn’t become confused about her stance on immigration. Palin, a staunch disputant of the DREAM act, made clear that there is a difference between embracing the immigration history encapsulated at Ellis Island and the legislation that would allow new immigrants to stay in the country after finishing high school and proving they’re in good character. “The immigrants of the past, they had to literally and figuratively stand in line to become U.S. citizens. I’d like to see that continue,” Palin said. “And unfortunately, the DREAM Act kind of usurps that — the system that is a legal system to make sure that immigrants who want to be here legally, working hard, producing and supplying revenue and resources for their families, that they’re able to do that right and legally. Unfortunately, the DREAM Act doesn’t accomplish that."

Palin and Donald Trump had pizza last night at a pizzeria near the island and talked about which one them would make a better fascist dictator shop. After deciding between the Wild Buffalo and the Margarita pizzas Palin said they “talked specifically about trade, about what it is that we can do with China and some of these other countries that are speeding past us in terms of economic growth. We need to make sure that we’re investing strongly in infrastructure as an incentive for businesses to be able to stay here and produce and manufacture.”

The Japanese government wants the suit-loving salary men to ditch their suit and ties this summer. Japan’s “Super Cool Biz” campaign kicked off today with a government-sponsored fashion show featuring outfits appropriate for the office yet cool enough to endure the sweltering heat caused by a cutback in electricity use. In order to prevent blackouts, the government is asking companies and government offices to cut electricity use by 15 percent, which means limiting air conditioning, which means an 82-degree workplace. These company men should take a page out of the CityBeat dress code and conform to V-necks and skinny jeans. Hooray, Casual Monday-Friday!

Patrick Dempsey told Vanity Fair that he’s done pretending and he’s leaving Grey’s Anatomy next year for his true love, CityBeat’s Jac Kern. "I do not know what's going to happen to the other characters, but for me it's done," said the actor.