This Week in Questionable Decisions: Jan. 31-Feb. 6

Doritos, for ladies; Tom Hanks is Mr. Rogers; Kylie was pregnant all along!

click to enlarge Doritos — now available for women!
Doritos — now available for women!

This Week in Questionable Decisions…

  1. Tom Hanks will play Mr. Rogers in an upcoming movie. I just can’t see it. Two American treasures don’t make a right!
  2. A young radio host — of a show Tom Brady is paid to appear on weekly — called Brady’s 5-year-old daughter an “arrogant little pissant” on air.
  3.  Kim Kardashian styled her hair in braids and beads, citing Bo Derek and pissing off a lot of people who found it to be yet another example of kultural appropriation. 
  4. A woman at Newark airport tried to fly alongside her enormous emotional support peacock. She was denied. 
  5. Nazi sympathizer and Holocaust denier Arthur Jones is running for Congress unopposed in the Republican primary in Illinois.
  6. Doritos are developing a more ladylike chip that boasts less crumbs and a quieter crunch. For ladies!
  7. A typo on White House invitations encouraged guests to attend the “State of the Uniom.” 
  8. A Bachelor contestant was found on a missing persons list after her mother reported her missing while she was away filming the reality show. 
  9. A Florida man tried to kidnap Lana Del Ray while she was in Orlando for a concert. 
  10. Logan Paul  — the punchable YouTuber who recently live-streamed a dead man while in Japan — is “back.” Already.
  11. Kylie Jenner revealed she was pregnant all along and gave birth to a baby girl Feb. 1. And I actually kind of care.
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