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Best Use of Unemployment as Material for a Play: 'Laid Off: A One Woman Show'

Best Use of Unemployment as Material for a Play

After getting laid off from her job in radio, Laila B. Hameen began working on her résumé. Recognizing it as a roadmap of her life, she soon found herself occupied by writing Laid Off: A One Woman Show, a monologue that traces her journey from childhood to adulthood. Serving as writer, actor, director and DIY producer, Hameen brought Laid Off to multiple local venues such as Women Writing for (a) Change and Chase Public, infusing each performance with her evocative storytelling style and exceptional ability to inhabit her character, regardless of age. In the end, Hameen found a new occupation: sharing the solace and strength she garnered from the creative act with anyone lucky enough to have witnessed it. Laid Off: A One Woman Show,