Best Of 2018

Best Fond Farewell: WNKU

Hardcore music lovers can get territorial about their passion, and they’ll celebrate and stand up for the outlets they love through thick or thin — even more fervently than sports fans fight for their favorite team. There was widespread outrage when longtime radio station WNKU was sold to a religious broadcaster in a budget-slashing move by Northern Kentucky University (thank then-new governor Matt Bevin for that). But the anger turned to tears when the station, one of the few outlets for “Alternative” music on Greater Cincinnati’s airwaves, signed off in September after 33 years. The station regularly — and loudly — supported local original music-makers, so its loss was also deeply felt by the region’s musicians. Two months after the sign-off, the station’s Aaron Sharpe and Liz Felix were surprised with a special “Best Cincinnati Music Ambassador” award at CityBeat’s 2017 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, a fitting salute in front a room full of artists who greatly appreciated having such dedicated, higher-profile supporters in their corner.