Best Of 2019

Best Offensive Mascot Almost Everyone Can Get Behind: Victor Valentino

Last October, the Chiefs slaughtered the Bengals in their game in Kansas City. Final score: 45-10. After doing what they do so well and giving a tiny bit of hope with a respectable 4-2 record to start the year, the team ate it and continued a streak that would include only two more wins by season’s end. The game did have one spectacular moment for non-Chief fans. During NBC’s Sunday night broadcast (oh yeah — it was another brutal prime-time game), cameras zeroed in on a sad Bengals fan in the crowd, sporting a yellow tiger mask. As soon as the camera cut to the fan, he raised his orange tiger-striped-begloved middle finger. The fan — Victor Valentino (a veteran local musician who currently sings with the band Bummers Eve) — encapsulated long-suffering Bengals followers’ disgust so perfectly, the moment was picked up by sports sites like Fansided and included in coverage on ESPN and in The Enquirer, and Cincinnati print shop We Have Become Vikings put Valentino’s masked face and finger on a “Number 1 Fan” T-shirt, donating proceeds to a charity of his choice.