Best Of 2021

Best Mural Milestone: Time Saved vs. Time Served

"Time Saved vs. Time Served"

ArtWorks dedicated its 200th mural this past fall. Titled “Time Saved vs. Time Served,” the piece was part of the New Voices-themed season. In this case, the voices receiving a platform through the mural were those of returning citizens — formerly incarcerated people — who are often stigmatized and given fewer opportunities than others in the community. The concept for this milestone mural came from Tyra Patterson, the project’s artistic director, who has a personal story that leaves her deeply invested in social justice causes. In 1994, Patterson was arrested and ultimately incarcerated for murder and robbery, both crimes she did not commit. She was in prison for 23 years. “Time Saved vs. Timed Served” (235 W. Court St., Downtown) features portraits of five smiling women — one of them Patterson herself — sitting beneath the scales of justice, circling an Ohio-shaped clock marked by fives to represent prison sentences. Every woman in the mural is a returning citizen, and deeply involved in social justice causes.