Best Of 2021

Best Grandma-Inspired Small-Batch Covington Bake Shop: rose&mary

Covington’s rose&mary bakery and cafe pays homage to co-owner and lead baker Chase Maus’ late grandmother and aunt — Mary and Rose, respectively — who helped to raise him. The pop-up turned brick-and-mortar offers scratch-made pastries, breads and cafe bites, like stuffed-charcoal croissants, sweet and savory danishes, donuts, pies and more. But what makes this bakery so special transcends the Instagram-worthy appearance of its treats. The bakers at rose&mary take their time creating small batches with a focus on ingredients. Maus says their bakery pushes beyond what many consider “scratch-made.” “We process all of our fillings, many of our own soft cheeses, nut pastes and butters, jams and jellies and grain flours. We dry some of our own spices, we even grew quite a bit of our own summer produce and edible garnishes this past summer at the Incubator Kitchen Collective,” he says.