Best Of 2021

Best Garage Plant Shop Turned Brick-and-Mortar: Fleurish Grounds

When wedding photographer Christine Funke found herself out of work and stuck at home at the start of the pandemic, she began putting her time and energy into her houseplants and realized, “I’m sure if I’m redecorating my house right now, everyone else is doing it, too,” she says. With this thought, Funke took to Instagram and began to take her collection of potted plants to the next level, selling them — social distantly — out of her home. As COVID restrictions lifted and she saw a need for people to get out and shop around, Funke flipped her home garage into Fleurish Grounds, a bright and clean pop-up storefront where customers could come browse and purchase the plants in person. The shop took off. And with support from her friend and business partner Stephanie Cable, plus the city of Madisonville, her garage shop blossomed into a permanent storefront. Fleurish still specializes in plants, but also offers a selection of jewelry and accessories; cards and stickers; and a special Fleurish Grounds coffee blend from Urbana Cafe.