Cincinnati Survivalist Na’im McKee to Star in Sunday's Episode of Naked and Afraid

Na'im McKee calls himself a “never say die guy,” and says he’s planning to make it through all “21 damn days.”

click to enlarge Na'im McKee - Photo: Provided by Discovery Channel
Photo: Provided by Discovery Channel
Na'im McKee

A Cincinnati man will be featured in the newest episode of Naked and Afraid, everyone's favorite nude, post-apocalyptic survival test reality show, on Sunday, April 30. 

Episode 11 of Naked and Afraid’s Season 15 stars Cincinnati-based survivalist Na’im McKee and his partner, Rachel, as they try to survive in the impenetrable, potentially deadly jungles of the Province of Chaco, Argentina. The dense wilderness and thorny brush make it almost impassable for people, but it’s a great habitat for dangerous animals like jaguars, wolves and the venomous fer-de-lance snake, says Discovery Channel.

“The hellscape Na’im and his partner are attempting to face is beneath some of the world’s thickest jungle canopy, where sunlight is limited and moisture from the region’s violent subtropical storms leads to extreme temperature shifts of over 30 degrees. Na’im strives to use his past experiences with survival to stay alive and show people that he’s got what it takes,” the channel says of the episode.

McKee calls himself a “never say die guy,” and says he’s planning to make it through all “21 damn days.” As an experienced Boy Scout and a person who has taken wilderness survival courses, he says he has pushed himself to develop his endurance and skills by cold-weather hunting in Colorado and finishing more than 50 long course races, a full marathon and an Olympic triathlon.

You can watch McKee’s attempt to survive the rugged Argentinian wilderness for 21 days on Sunday, April 30 on the Discovery Channel at 8 p.m. or stream it on the discovery+ app after it airs.

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