Best Of 2019

Best Homegrown Kids Music Alternative for Parents: "The Corner"

Aimed at children ages 3-7, each of the seven silly tracks on The Corner — a Hip Hop-flavored album project from Vernard Fields, Adam Hayden and Charlie Padgett that includes a beautifully illustrated book — is a different vignette dealing with fundamental early life lessons, such as on “Pick Up Your Towel” and “We Like to Share.” While the music is expertly crafted to grab and keep the attention of little ones, adults will likely love it just as much. The creators made a study guide to encourage educators to use the project as a unique way to reach children, and parents will appreciate the obvious talent and musicianship poured into the music, which has the feel of J Dilla or A Tribe Called Quest. If you have young kids who get fixated on, say, Barney or The Wiggles, and you want to shake up the playlist for the sake of your own sanity, revel in the sweet salvation of The Corner, which is available digitally or in vinyl and CD versions packaged with the book. The Corner,