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Best Chicken And Waffles You Can’t Stop Thinking About: Commonwealth Bistro

Best Chicken And Waffles You Can’t Stop Thinking About

Fried chicken, cornmeal waffle, spicy maple glacé, buttermilk ice cream: Has there ever been a better combination of ingredients? Although there are plenty of mouth-watering menu items at MainStrasse’s Commonwealth Bistro (a hardboiled egg wrapped in goetta, salsa verde pork on a bed of grits), the definitive star is their dreamy chicken and waffle dish. Like most of their dishes, it’s a marriage of Southern soul food and upscale culinary technique. The chicken is fried in a way so that the crispy exterior is more flakey than coagulated, and the coating falls off easily to expose the juicy dark meat inside. The waffles aren’t too fluffy and add just the right amount of carby sweetness. But the ice cream is what truly makes it stand out — it’s a rich and silky scoop no bigger than a bon bon that blends sweet and salty. For a true Kentucky experience, add an Ale-8-One soda, a fizzy cult-favorite citrus ginger drink bottled in Winchester, Ky. Commonwealth Bistro, 621 Main St., Covington, Ky., 859-916-6719,