Best Of 2018

Best Steamed Sandwich Overhaul: Losantivill3

Formerly Gilpin’s steamed sandwich shop, Losantivill3 opened in the fall. Owner Brad Gilpin decided to rebrand the lunch and late-night downtown stop with a healthier angle (no more Doritos bagel sandwiches) and the eatery now makes its own seitan, offers quinoa bowls and has an entire vegan/vegetarian menu. There are still steamed sandwiches, but they come topped with gourmet ingredients like veggie meatballs or shredded curry-peanut chicken. Losantivill3 even makes its own Thai coffee and horchata. Like Gilpin’s, Losantivill3 is open for lunch and closes at 3 a.m., giving downtowners an alternative to the late-night Taco Bell Cantina — though Losantivill3 is more than just drunk food. Losantivill3, 37 E. Seventh St., Downtown,