Best Of 2022

Best Frozen Dumplings

There are so many dumpling options in the city, but how many of them are good enough to change the way you think about what a dumpling can accomplish? At Bridges Nepali Cuisine, the humble momo does just that. The Chipalu family, which owns and operates Bridges, brought their recipes from the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. The balance of smoky flavor and juicy filling in their savory bite-sized dumplings is divine when paired with a side of achar, a spicy Nepali tomato salsa. The preparation method for the dumplings is an exciting way to mix it up at the table: The Chipalus like to steam their momos themselves, but pan-seared is another popular way for those who like things to be a bit crisp. Momos can also be served atop a creamy Nepali-style tomato soup, transforming a simple snack into a meal to remember. Momos are available at both the Northside and downtown Bridges locations, but also can be found in the freezer section at Jungle Jim’s International Market.