Best Of 2019

Best Vegetarian Chicken Wings: Northside Yacht Club

The Northside Yacht Club offers better-than-expected gourmet bar food across both their brunch and dinner menus, with a special focus on meat-free versions of pub grub classics. Their 12-hour slow-smoked chicken wings are a big draw and the thoughtful menu goes inclusive with bonus “boneless” cauliflower wings. Chunks of cauliflower are covered with a PBR batter and your choice of one of six different house rubs — classic buffalo, tangy barbecue, parmesan garlic, cilantro honey lime, sesame ginger or hot habanero garlic. Special attention should be given to the sesame ginger flavor; it’s good. Other vegetarian variations of bar bites include a “Live Mas” veggie burger, featuring a black bean-cashew-chipotle-poblano patty; a tofu banh mi; and lentil chili fries, the yin to the yang of their award-winning duck-fat-gravy poutine. The veggie fries come topped with house vegan lentil chili and Wisconsin sharp cheddar; opt for vegan cheese for $2 extra. And of course, all of the delicious food can be enjoyed alongside live music and a list of cocktails — which happens to include a category titled “FUN,” featuring a flaming volcano punch bowl or shot of Old Grand-Dad with a Mountain Dew chaser — and an even longer list of beers. Northside Yacht Club, 4227 Spring Grove Ave., Northside,