Best Of 2022

Best Source of Harmony in an Era That Needs It

Making it as an a cappella group during the pandemic has been no small feat, but the eight hardy men who constitute the No Promises Vocal Band have found ways to share their vocal talents as a tight-harmony ensemble since 2015, especially with regular holiday performances. During the 2020 pandemic year, they raised nearly $7,000 to cover production expenses and rented a recording venue (Memorial Hall, managed by the band’s leader and arranger, Joshua Steele) to make an on-demand video that delivered their smooth vocalizing to area fans. During the summer of 2021, they joined the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra for “The Boy Band Diaries,” featuring numbers by the likes of the Beach Boys and *NSYNC, on outdoor stages in Covington, Fort Thomas and Middletown. For the 2021 holidays they offered well-received seasonal songfests in Montgomery, Covington, Loveland and East Price Hill.