Best Of 2022

Best Booze-Free Beer

Non-alcoholic drinks and booze alternatives are gaining traction in the American market. According to market research firm IRI, U.S. sales of non-alcoholic beer were up 38% in 2020 to roughly $188 million in total sales, even as regular beer sales have declined in the past four years. Local breweries are starting to jump on the bandwagon, with MadTree releasing Leave No Trace non-alcoholic (NA) pale ale in its taproom at the start of 2022. The beer’s name is a play on MadTree’s commitment to sustainability and “leaving no trace behind” when campers leave a campground or park, while connecting it to the idea of having “no trace” of alcohol in the beer. Braxton also joined in with an NA version of its popular Garage Beer in 2022. Braxton says Garage Beer NA is “brewed with a crisp, light (and) refreshing taste to keep the engine turning and the innovation burning.” They say it has zero alcohol. Both are perfect if you’re looking for the taste of craft beer without the hangover.;